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Are you working late into the evenings trying to stay abreast of all the paperwork and record keeping your business is generating? Are you constantly playing catch-up just to get the balances right? Or are you starting to have misgivings that anything will ever balance again? Bookkeeping Seattle is the answer you’re looking for! We can catch you up, clean you up and keep your bookkeeping current and correct. Providing a full range of bookkeeping accounting services, we’re here to help you get organized and stay that way, thus increasing the productivity of your business, and even more importantly, bringing you peace of mind. Contact us today!

About Bookkeeping Seattle

Providing premium bookkeeping services at affordable prices is our passion at Bookkeeping Seattle. Our team of experienced bookkeepers has years of experience and know-how under their belt and will work tirelessly to get your financial business affairs in order. Working in and around Seattle for a long time, our established bookkeeping company offers professional, courteous service and friendly, helpful staff to assist you with all your bookkeeping needs.

We will take on a number of different challenges. Whether you have a brand new business and you’re just starting out, or you’ve got an established company and have fallen a little (or even a lot) behind in the bookkeeping responsibilities, or you’ve been on top of your bookkeeping, but are looking for some assistance, we can meet and discuss your issues and concerns and make a plan of attack.

Delivering prompt, accurate, informative data and assisting you in understanding and analyzing what we’ve provided, we can help you stay on top of growing your business in a productive and responsible way. Your success is our aim and helping you achieve your goals is what we strive for.

Offering friendly, expert counsel as desired, we can help strategize on future plans and plan and budget for the upgrades or expansions you hope to accomplish. We recognize that every business is different and make every effort to customize and individualize our service to accommodate your most pressing needs.

At Bookkeeper Seattle, our standards for honesty and integrity are of utmost priority and we will help you in creating a promising financial future by attending to the business of bookkeeping for your company.

We’re waiting for your call, or simply fill out the form here on the website and we’ll get in touch!

Why Choose Us ?

Are you looking to move your business forward? Do you want to get the financial part of your business in order, up-to-date, and most of all, accurate? Bookkeeping Services Seattle can help you gain financial insight and superior strategies that can turn your business in a positive and profitable direction.

Our certified bookkeepers have the skills and technology and bring solutions to your specific issues with individualized, customized care. We bring our clients peace of mind as they are freed up to attend to other pressing matters that so often come with owning or managing a business.

Some of the things you can depend on are:

  • More time to focus on building your business
  • Financial systems that effectively scale as your business grows and flourishes
  • Working with helpful, friendly, professionals who really care
  • Increased profitability due to efficient procedures that minimize risk of fraud, and money loss that comes from disorganization.

Bookkeeping Seattle has been serving the residents here and in the surrounding areas for a lot of years and our reputation is one of reliability, accuracy and quick response to questions and concerns that may crop up.

We offer premiere accounting and bookkeeping services, so you can stop looking for “bookkeepers near me” on your computer. We’ll work hard to win your trust and loyalty. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate and we can get you started on a bright road to success.

What To Expect?

Knowing what to expect can greatly ease your mind and open you up to trying something great. From Seattle Bookkeeping:

  1. You can expect professional, certified, experienced bookkeepers who you can trust with your small business bookkeeping services.
  2. You can expect accurate, prompt answers to your financial questions and concerns.
  3. You can expect assistance for your online bookkeeping system and personalized service from our staff.

From your very first consultation, we will make every effort to understand your specific needs and goals and offer services and assistance in meeting those needs and bringing those goals to fruition. The consultation is free and we will discuss and determine a plan that works best for you.

Whether you’re looking for us to take on the whole of your company’s accounting and bookkeeping services, or you’re just hoping to reduce your workload a little by having us handle a few tasks that are tedious and/or time consuming, or you need someone to help you get caught up because you’ve fallen behind and are feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to help in whatever way you need.

At your consultation we will also go over price options and packages that we offer so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how affordable it can be. We’ll get started right away with organizing and setting up a system that will work for your business.

From there, your Seattle Bookkeeper is easily accessible whenever you have a question or a concern. We are quick to alert you to any problems or discrepancies that we find and take great care to keep you informed and apprised of your financial situation. We hope you’ll give us a chance to assist you with all your bookkeeping and accounting services for small business.

Our Services

Bookkeeper Seattle offers a range of bookkeeping services and support from basic bookkeeping to budgeting and forecasting. Our assistance can help transform your financial management and keep your business running more effectively and efficiently. Contact us today to get your online bookkeeping in top notch shape. We offer the following options and so much more:

Billing Services

Sending monthly invoices, reviewing accounts receivable aging and following up with appropriate collections is a helpful monthly service and a time consuming task we can take off your already full plate.


Ensuring all transactions are accurately entered in the books, making necessary adjustments and reconciling balance sheet accounts, verifying accuracy of income statements at the month’s end, will bring you peace of mind and give you time to attend to other business needs.

Bank Reconciliation

Ensuring the financial health of your business, we will review bank statements, balance accounts and assess general ledger entries, all of which is time consuming, yet necessary in uncovering irregularities and catching fraudulent activity or banking errors.

Financial Statement Preparation

At Seattle Bookkeeper, we’ll deliver a monthly financial package which includes a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. We can also provide other management reporting to meet your company’s needs, such as budget vs. actual expenditures, cash reporting and a key performance indicators assessment.

Budgets & Forecasting

Good money management can improve a company’s liquidity, as well as increase profitability and reduce expenditures. We can assist in preparing budgets and forecasts, as well as providing analysis on performance against plan. Bookkeeping Services Seattle WA can assist you in creating optimal cash flow for your business with this service.

And More

We provide many other bookkeeping services. Contact us today!

About Seattle, Washington

Located on the eastern shore of Puget Sound, just 113 miles south of the U.S.-Canadian border and approximately 90 miles east of the Pacific Ocean, Seattle is an urban hub full of cultural diversity and situated in the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Boasting a diverse cultural population consisting of local Native Americans, Scandinavian, African American, Asian, and Latino, Seattle has a booming economy that continues to draw many from all walks of life. With its great innovation and technological industry, the city is where companies like Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon came into being.

With plenty to attract visitors, the Washington State Convention Center is right in the heart of downtown Seattle and within walking distance to historic Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum, Aquarium, not to mention numerous theaters, cinemas and musical venues. And, you won’t want to miss a visit to the iconic Space Needle, one of Seattle’s most famous attractions.

Surrounding suburbs include:

  • Bellevue
  • Sammamish
  • Redmond
  • Issaquah
  • Mercer Island
  • Cottage Lake
  • Clyde Hill
  • Medina
  • Yarrow Point
  • And many other surrounding areas


Q. Can you explain what is full charge bookkeeping or what a full charge bookkeeper does?

A full charge bookkeeper is exclusively responsible for accounting. Their duties entail handling the full cycle accounting tasks or supervising others in the simpler tasks, like accounts payable, for instance. A full charge bookkeeper is responsible for a business’s banking needs, including monitoring cash flow and reconciling bank statements.

Q. Why should I hire bookkeeping services near me instead of handling the books myself?

When you’re weighing the pros and cons of whether to hire a bookkeeping service, here are some things to consider: Are you able to keep the bookkeeping current and up-to-date? Are you missing tax deadlines because of disorganization or just being so far behind? Are you working far more hours than you should trying to keep your bookwork caught up? Answering these questions honestly can help you determine whether or not to hire a bookkeeping service. Seattle Bookkeeping could be an affordable option to working exceptionally long hours or paying fees for missed deadlines and freeing up your time to attend to other aspects of your business. Give us a call and we can talk about it.

Q. What are some basic bookkeeping skills?

There are a number of skills to be an efficient and effective bookkeeper. Some of the key items are: organizational thinking, attention to detail, integrity and honesty, ability to communicate effectively, problem-solving and time management skills, being tech-savvy and last but not least, you should enjoy working with numbers.

Q. What online bookkeeping software do you use?

We like Quickbooks Bookkeeping software, but we use a couple of different types and depending on your business needs, we will customize something to work specifically for your company.

Client Testimonials

F. Vaughn, Seattle

The best call I ever made was the day after I missed paying another tax deadline because I was finding it impossible to keep up with all the bookkeeping and changes that happened that I hadn’t heard about. I was simply too busy to do everything. Hiring this bookkeeping service, saved me from drowning.

M. March, Seattle

The more successful my business became, the more complicated my bookkeeping was also. I began to realize that my success was being diminished because my finances were not in order and I was not making the most of my cash flow. I finally made the call and asked for some help and guidance. After the initial consultation, I knew things were going to get a lot better and they did. It really was that easy, just make the phone call!

C. Ingalls, Seattle

I’ve had these guys from the get-go doing my bookkeeping and they are fabulous! Fast, efficient and they always know the answer to every question I have. I love working with them and feel like it’s a great partnership!

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For flexible, accurate and professional bookkeeping services, contact Bookkeeping Seattle to serve your business’s needs. If you’re still wondering if hiring a professional bookkeeping service is the right thing for you, give us a call and let’s discuss what we can offer and how affordable it can be. We can lighten your workload and bring you the peace of mind you’re needing.

No more sleepless nights because you’re trying to catch up on your paperwork, or because you’re worried about the mountain of it waiting for you tomorrow, we’re here to help! Contact us today!

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